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First time employers need to complete the Employer’s Orientation Programm (EOP) before applying for a maid. Employers can use their Singpass and register for the EOP here.

The minimum requirement to hire a maid in Singapore is to

  1. Have an income of at least $2,500 a month or a fixed deposit of $50,000 in the bank 

  2. Own or rented a full apartment 

  3. Completed the Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP)


In Singapore, maids are generally from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


The levy for unsubsidised employers is $300 per month. For Singaporeans with children below 16 or elderly living under the same household above 67 years of age, the government offers a concessionary rate of $60 per month. 

Levy is paid by GIRO every month to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Before the GIRO is set up, you can pay online on MOM’s website but a GIRO application is compulsory. 


It takes between 2-4 weeks from selection of maid, to application and arrival of the maid in Singapore. For special cases, we can expedite the process to 1-2 weeks. 


She has to complete her medical and SIP course as soon as possible. Then, her work permit must be issued and she has to report at MOM to make the work permit card. 


According to MOM, the employer is required to purchase the air ticket of their maid, as close to the hometown of the maid as possible. 

The employer pays for the medical fees of the maid at all times. The insurance plan for your maid can be used for hospitalisation and accidents at work. 

You are encouraged to buy insurance with higher coverage to protect yourself from any excessive medical bills.


You can either book her ticket or transfer her to another employer or to an agency. The work permit will then have to be cancelled. The work permit card should be cut into 2 and dispose of it. 


You can send her for boarding with the agency or she can stay alone at home if it is safe for her. MOM must be notified if she is staying at your friend’s or relative’s place. 


You can pay in cash or by bank transfer. It is always better to keep a record of payment in the form of receipts. 


Wait for 24 hours before calling the police. Most likely, the authority assisting the maid will contact you ie. MOM, the police, the agency, the embassy. You will be advised further by your agency for the next steps to be taken. After 24 hours, it is best to make a police report. Don’t cancel the work permit until you find out the whereabouts of the maid. 

The security bond is a deposit that employers have to pay in the form of a banker’s guarantee for every maid that he hires. When an employer fails to repatriate his maid on time, he risks losing his $5000 deposit. Employers can purchase the security bond together with his maid’s insurance policy. The insurance company will then provide the security bond to MOM and a letter of indemnity to the employer.

The first medical will be done within 14 days of the maid’s arrival in Singapore. Subsequently she has to do a 6-monthly medical when she receives the letter from MOM.

Salary for Maids


The basic salary of a Myanmar maid starts at $450. 


The basic salary of a Filipino maid starts at $600.


The basic salary of a Indonesian maid starts at $550.


The basic salary of an Indian maid starts at between $450 to $500. 


The basic salary of a Sri Lankan maid starts at $500.


The basic salary of a Bangladeshi maid starts at $450.